Reduction of Academic Fees

The reduction of academic fees refers exclusively to the cost of registration and enrollment, as well as those of the exams related to each academic degree. Any fees connected to issuing different documents and certificates are therefore not included. Students with a scholarship cannot request a fee reduction.

Any student considering himself to be in a difficult economic situation can submit an application for fee reduction by filling out the form and attaching adequate proof of his condition. The form should be submitted no later than October 20 for the 1° semester, and February 20 for the 2° semester.

In addition to considering the academic average, the Student Aid Commission evaluates requests for fee reduction based upon the economic conditions of the applicant, and takes into account whether the student belongs to a diocese, order, or religious congregation that is particularly in need.

The student will be informed of the outcome of his request by November 15 (for the first semester) and March 20 (for the second semester).