The benefactors section of the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross gathers news that is useful for those who share the University's educational dream and economic effort.

How much does it cost to study in Rome?

The average cost for students: 14,000 euro for the Academic Year of 2013/14 


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Insieme... Sotto il Cielo di Roma. Serata di raccolta fondi per sacerdoti e...

Cara Amica, Caro Amico, abbiamo il piacere di informarti dell'iniziativa benefica della nostra Università, che si terrà sabato 17 settembre 2016.

Anche quest'anno tutto il ricavato sarà interamente destinato ad aiutare sacerdoti e seminaristi bisognosi di una borsa di studio che consenta loro di studiare e vivere a Roma.

Ore 19:00, One Man Show di Michele La Ginestra
Ore 20:30, Cena sulla terrazza dell'Università


Inside the Vatican Briefing

From April 4-6, Santa Croce co-sponsored The Napa Institute’s “Inside the Vatican Briefing”. Over 75 business leaders from the United States gathered at the University to understand the current challenges facing the Church.

“For a Church which goes Forth”

This is the title of the 8th annual Storytelling Competition to be held at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross and dedicated to the memory of Prof. Maria Antonietta Paulotto Colombino. It is thanks to the generosity of the Paulotto family and their concern for the formation of the youth that our students are able to participate in this competition.

Give to the Givers! …Coming together for the Universal Church.

The Church is in great need of priests who have been well-prepared. In order to respond to this need the Holy Cross Development Department has green-lighted a new initiative for student formation. The new slogan “Give to the Givers!” signals the new fundraising campaign for the support and sustenance of future priests during their formation.