Student Representatives

The student community has representative bodies, that promote the protection of their rights and the achievement of their aspirations, and contribute to the improvement of the academic life.

Two Student Delegates, enrolled for at least two years at the University, and chosen representatives from among the students, are full members of the Academic Senate.

Every School elects two representatives of the students who participate in the respective Council.


Members of Academic Senate

enzo [dot] arborea [at] gmail [dot] com (Vincenzo Arborea)

paulopierola [at] gmail [dot] com (Paulo Piérola Maguiña)

School of Theology

paulmarie [dot] boutin [at] gmail [dot] com (Paul-Marie Catherine Boutin)

pbaretta [at] gmail [dot] com (Pietro Baretta)

School of Canon Law

paulopierola [at] gmail [dot] com (Paulo Piérola Maguiña)

a [dot] tellez [dot] studio [at] gmail [dot] com (Alan Téllez Aguilar)

School of Philosophy

andresc63 [at] gmail [dot] com (Andrés Cárdenas Matute)

aospina1 [at] gmail [dot] com (Alberto José Ospina Sánchez)

School of Church Communications

hparandam [at] gmail [dot] com (Héctor P. Aranda Mella)

angtheyank [at] gmail [dot] com (Angela Marie Lane)