University Chaplain's Office

The University Chaplaincy offers spiritual aid to all members of the academic community. Meetings and conversations with Chaplains are frequent, as is the opportunity to find a priest who is ready to give advice, comfort, and help.

Activities--daily Mass, weekly Eucharistic Adoration, monthly formation retreats, etc.-- are carried out in both the Basilica of St. Apollinare and the adjacent Chapel of the Madonna of Apollinare.

The University Chaplain is Rev. Antonio Rordríguez de Rivera: +39 0668164341


Monday through Friday:
Open for visits: 7:30-19:00
Holy Mass: 8:00; 12:45
Confessions: 7:30-8:20; 12:00-12:40 or by appointment

Every Thursday:
Eucharistic Adoration: 9:30-11:30

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