The Student Assistance Office accepts scholarship applications, examines their suitability, and proposes candidates for economic aid to various Foundations and Associations. These, in turn, distribute scholarship money in the measure made possible by the donations they have received.

Granted yearly, economic aid helps students to cover the cost of tuition, and in some cases partially contributes to the cost of room and board.

Proposals are examined by the Student Aid Commission, while decisions are communicated by letter to the student's Bishop as well as directly to the student himself. If considered necessary, a brief meeting may be called to discuss the decision.

A student can request a scholarship with the admisssion form submitted by March 30 of the preceding academic year of the intended course, accompanied by the approporiate forms and a letter from one's Bishop, attesting, beyond the personal characteristics of the person, the difficult situation of the diocese and subsequent need of aid.

The student permitted a scholarship should have, by March 31 of the year enrolled, completed the following:

a) sent a letter of appreciation to the Foundation that is economically supporting the student's studies;

b) If needing continued support, the student must renew the scholarship request for the following year.

Please note that, in certain cases, a letter of appreciation could be requested by the office advising students with different or prior deadlines.

Scholarship renewal within a given cycle of study is conditional upon passing exams with satisfactory grades within the established schedule. To maintain a scholarship when passing from the first cycle to the second, a minimum grade point average of 8,6 is necessary. For the doctorate cycle, a minimum grade point average of 9,6 during the licentiate studies is necessary.