X Professional Seminar for Church Communication Offices: "Participation and sharing"

From April, 26 to 28, 2016, on the initiative of the School of Church Communications, X Professional Seminar for Church Communication Offices took place, on the theme: "Participation and sharing: managing Church communication in a digital environment".

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The organizers explained: "The 10th Professional Seminar for Church Communication Offices looks at ways to capitalize on the positive aspects and minimize the risks that this new scenario may pose. How can information flow be managed so as to travel in more directions, reaching all the actors in the social scene? Which instruments are most adequate for following the public conversation? What experiences are forming those who dialogue in this conversation, an increasingly open network in need of quality content and human testimonies?  How can one foster a creative public dialogue which is faithful to the perennial message of the Gospel?"

In addition to presenting new communication tendencies and office work methods, the Seminar aims to be an occasion of mutual exchange: Church communication professionals sharing experiences from various different countries and cultures.