Every month the School’s professors and doctorate students, in collaboration with colleagues from other universities, hold a seminar on a philosophical theme.

The School hosts a yearly Conference for students and professors, inviting international specialists to reflect on topics of metaphysics, epistemology, anthropology, ethics and history.

Every three years the School organizes a Course of Continual Education on son philosophical area of particular interest. The Course is aimed to the former students of the School, as most of them teach philosophy in Universities, Seminars and High Schools all around the World. The Courses are also open to other theachers of Schools and Universities.

Bulletin Board

Martedì 10 maggio - Seminario per professori

Prof. Antonio Petagine (Université de Fribourg, Suisse)
Il problema dell’individuazione: Tommaso d’Aquino e Duns Scoto

Aula Benedetto XVI - ore 15.00

Martedì 5 aprile - Seminario per professori

Prof. Emmanuele Vimercati (Pontificia Università Lateranense)
Che cos’è il platonismo?

Aula Benedetto XVI - ore 15.00

Martedì 15 marzo - Seminario per professori

Rev. Prof.  Francisco Fernández Labastida
Pontificia Università della Santa Croce
Il linguaggio come «mezzo» (Mitte). Essere e linguaggio nell’ontologia ermeneutica di H.-G. Gadamer
Aula Benedetto XVI - ore 15.00