Important Information

Information concerning academic life (class schedules, exam dates, news about activities, etc.) are posted on the bulletin boards of each School as well as that of the Academic Secretary. Students should check these boards on a regular basis. The following notice only contains general information.

Office for Foreigners' Assistance

In collaboration with the Roman Universities, the Pontifical University of the Gregorian offers a free help service, aimed at providing qualified assistance to students who, coming from other countries, must fulfill all of the formalities necessary for living in Italy.

Hours: from Monday to Friday,  9:00-13:00 and 14:15-16:15
Location: Piazza della Pilotta, 4
See: Dr. Altinay Pulido
E-mail: css [at] unigre [dot] it 
Tel. e Fax:  0039-06-6701- 5445

Computer Lab (A102)

Students in the School of Institutional Communications may freely use the Computer Lab. For students in the other Schools, there is a fee established for using the room:

- one semester, 65 euro
- one year, 115 euro

Payments can be made at the Academic Registrar's Office.

Wireless Networks (PUSC-Aule & PUSC-WL)

1. Wireless internet within the University is available on two different networks.

2. The first wireless network, PUSC-Aule, is accessible on all three floors and permits access to the University's intranet. The availability of different services online is divided according to the type of user.

For example, visitors and guests can access general information on the University's homepage, the Library catalog, and the public pages of the Learning Platform--that is, all of the services which are freely accessed outside the University on its homepage <>. Members of the academic community can access administrative and Registrar services related to their roles as professors, staff, and students.

3. To enable internet access for students, a hot-spot was activated called PUSC-WL, located in Room A103 (first floor). The user name and password are the same as those used to access the Registrar Services online and the Learning Platform.