School of Church Communications

The Pontifical University of the Holy Cross established the School of Church Communications in 1996 to prepare communication professionals for ecclesial institutions. 

The School’s program offers students solid, systematic courses in four key areas:

* The nature of communication and the elements upon which it is based. This includes the processes of shaping public opinion, the structure of information-based entities and the language of the traditional means of communication (radio, tv, press), as well as the new technology-based media.

* The Church in cultural context. The Church presents its message and incarnates the faith in an ongoing dialogue with men, women and cultures. This area investigates of how Christianity has developed and expressed its message over the centuries, transforming it into a catalyst of cultural change.

* The theological, philosophical and canonical content of the faith and its impact on the identity of the Church as an Institution.

* The application of these theories, practices and communication techniques to institutions of the Church, bearing in mind their particular identity. Special emphasis is given to how communication offices are organized, methods of communicating with the various interlocutors of the Church and the presentation of the content of the faith in the field of public opinion.

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Tomasz Jan Chlebowski, già studente della nostra Facoltà ha presentato di recente un suo libro il Italia.

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Il portavoce della Sala Stampa della Santa Sede, P. Federico Lombardi, ha visitato la nostra Università.