Department of languages - Living Latin School

Living Latin School


Latin afternoon courses taught as a living language

Would you be able to read a Latin script with the same ability you are able to understand a text in your own language, without the necessary aid of a dictionary in every moment?
The living Latin School is designed to meet the aspirations of a growing number of students, scholars and lovers of Latin language and literature who wish to learn the language of Western culture in a direct and effective way.

Combining the teaching methods of the ancient humanistic schools with the most modern transmission techniques of modern languages, the courses of the School stimulate the development of the skills of the student following the natural progression of language learning. From the very first session, the lessons are conducted in Latin and the students are encouraged to express themselves in the target language when talking both to the teacher and to each other. Vocabulary and grammatical structures follow those of Classical Latin.

The lessons, while not giving up the exposition of grammar and syntax, which always represent the structure of a language, aim to give participants the opportunity to learn Latin in the same way as any other language, through active and direct use, making it the only medium of communication between the teacher and the students for the whole duration of the lessons, providing students the opportunity to more deeply and more naturally understand a text (both oral and written) in Latin.