Department of Languages - Latin summer courses


Latin intensive course

in collaboration with the Polis Institute


Learn to speak Latin as a living language!

Do you wish to read the Latin Bible, Cicero’s dialogues or Erasmus’ Adagia in the original text, as easily as you read texts in your own language? Hearing and speaking Latin is a way to learn the language that has shaped our culture just like you would learn a modern language – in a ‘lively’ manner. The Polis Institute is offering active Latin classes that will help you achieve that.

The classes will employ techniques that are usually used nowadays in teaching living languages. As such, it presents the richness of Classical Latin through a series of texts that follow a natural progression. From the very first session, the lessons are conducted in Latin and the students are encouraged to express themselves in this language when talking both to the teacher and to each other. The vocabulary and the grammatical structures used are those of Classical Latin – that form of the Latin language that has reached its perfection in the 1st century B.C., and that the best of authors used in the following centuries, in the Renaissance and some still do today. Classical Latin also enables one to understand other forms of Latin – Late Antique Latin, Medieval Latin and Ecclesiastical Latin. It is therefore the key to the entire Latin culture, which this intensive course offers you to begin to make your own.