Inside the Vatican Briefing

From April 4-6, Santa Croce co-sponsored The Napa Institute’s “Inside the Vatican Briefing”. Over 75 business leaders from the United States gathered at the University to understand the current challenges facing the Church.

George Cardinal Pell spoke of the need for Financial Transparency in the Church, as well as the challenge to ensure that the Church’s material assets are faithfully stewarded. Peter Cardinal Turkson focused on the need for the Church to help the poor and elevate them from poverty. He emphasized how important it is not to leave anyone behind.
Four professors from Santa Croce also addressed the Institute: Professors Martin Schlag, John Wauck, Robert Gahl, and Ramon Saiz-Pardo.
This conference introduced many Catholic business leaders from the United States to the important mission of Santa Croce, and our work in forming the next generation of the Church’s leaders.