Workshop on the Sacrament of Reconciliation for Priests in Mexico

In August, Eduardo Baura and Philip Goyret will travel to San Luis Potosi, Aguascalientes, and Celaya.

The sessions will take both a theoretical and practical approach, discussing various pastoral aspects of the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

A week-long course will be given in each of the three listed cities. The first sessions will cover diverse theoretical principles (doctrinal, liturgical, and pastoral). The following sessions will focus on the more practical aspects, given through a presentation of cases that will facilitate participation by attendants and will help resolve doubts about how to deal with particular issues.

Profs. Baura and Goyret hope to equip attending priests with the preparation they will need to help their faithful reap much spiritual fruit from the Jubilee Year of Mercy convened by Pope Francis.