Center for Priestly Formation

The University of the Holy Cross erected the Center for Priestly Formation in response to the request for strong initiatives that offer prieslty formation at various levels.

Designed for priests, deacons, and candidates to Holy Orders who are interested in entering more deeply into the meaning of the priesthood, the CFS seeks to offer formative support that is capable of confronting the challenges and demands of contemporary society.

The Center for Priestly Formation is characterized by multicultural openness, an interdisciplinary approach, and particular attention to the problems of contemporary society. The formation also has a practical orientation to accompany the scientific method typical of university studies.

Bulletin Board

La Pastorale della Confessione CFS 2016

Corso di aggiornamento per sacerdoti, da febbraio ad aprile 2016.

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IV Settimana di studio per formatori di seminari - 2016

La formazione spirituale dei candidati al sacerdozio  - Roma, 1-5 febbraio 2016

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Corso per Formatori di Seminari, III edizione

Corso per Formatori di Seminari da febbraio 2016 a gennaio 2017

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