Poetics & Christianity - Sixth Conference

Writing: what for and for whom
The joys and travails of the artist

Rome, April 27-28, 2015

Writing a novel, a screenplay, or a musical composition - indeed, producing any work of art - involves both profound joy and great effort, not only physically but also spiritually.  Some writers even describe the creative process as a kind of interior trauma.
Where does the need to write come from? What are the artist's motivations and the intentions? Who is the recipient of a work of art?
The sixth “Poetics & Christianity” conference intends to consider writing, whether the work of the novelist, musician or screen-writer, from the point of view not of the work created but of the subject who creates. Many schools of writing are concerned with the craft of writing, namely, how to compose a work that functions and is successful. Very few are able to convey the personal dispositions behind the work of art, the talent and labor which it entails, and especially the dawning awareness of a deep call followed by a personal response.
This conference seeks to raise questions regarding why and for whom one writes. To address these considerations, the conference will host representatives from the artistic writing world who will dialogue with critics and academics.
“Poetics & Christianity”, an international forum of study on the convergence of artistic culture and expressions of faith, consists in a Permanent Seminar punctuated by biennial international conferences and offers a meeting place for academics and artists coming from different fields and approaches.